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Training on a 2-Way Range

Training on a 2-Way Range

Meanwhile, in Detroit it is now apparently possible to train on a 2-way range. Training…

Product Showcase

RECOIL Editor Iain Harrison and CCU co-developer Jedi Master Ken Hackathorn run the new Colt CCU 9mm pistol at the range and discuss.

RECOIL Issue #25

RECOIL’s triumphant badassery marches ever onward with the launch of issue 25, featuring our nod…

Losing History by Being Stubborn

An interesting article appeared on the Firelance Media (@firelancemedia) website a couple nights ago. It’s called Here’s…

Product Showcase

PTSD Defined, Part 1

When the trauma is great enough … the mind never forgets. Not all wounds are visible.