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Red Bloods #2 is coming soon

Red Bloods #2 is coming soon

Issue #2 of Red Bloods is due out on Independence Day 2015! Like issue #1,…

Product Showcase

RECOIL Editor Iain Harrison meets up with Thomas Carlson of SureFire to check out the company’s new suppressors and muzzle blast diffuser, the Warden.

Glock 43 vs. Glock 26

Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics just released a video wherein he discusses his marked preference…

Product Showcase

The Hobo Roll

I recently spotted a review of the recently Kickstarter funded Hobo Roll from Gobi Gear courtesy of Eric…

Ten Years of Rollypoly

Here’s some LBE/loadout trivia for you. Happy birthday! to the Maxpedition Rollypoly. Or maybe that should…