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Saturday Night Blade Porn: the Kalanu Fighter

Saturday Night Blade Porn: the Kalanu Fighter

Kalanu is Cherokee for Raven. There’s some symbology there, according to designer Chad McBroom of…

Product Showcase

SIG SAUER, normally known for their guns, have released a new line of optics we think will be worthy competitors to the sights most of us are more familiar with.

Ten Years of Rollypoly

Here’s some LBE/loadout trivia for you. Happy birthday! to the Maxpedition Rollypoly. Or maybe that should…

W2H Kydex

W2H Kydex is a one-man custom Kydex “shop.” It has wallets, magazine carriers, holsters and…

Product Showcase

Sunward I’ve Climbed

The post we ran earlier today about Jetman reminded me of this…I hadn’t thought of…