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U.S. Army Combatives: Warriors

U.S. Army Combatives: Warriors

This badass video was recently released about the U.S. Army Combatives 2013 tournament and some…

Product Showcase

SIG SAUER, normally known for their guns, have released a new line of optics we think will be worthy competitors to the sights most of us are more familiar with.

Driving Wild in LA

You know what would make this even cooler? 6.75″ rockets on pylons to the side…

Valkyrie War Cord

Valkyrie War Cord, previously named Para-Mountain Survival Gear, is a one-man shop that creates paracord…

Leatherneck Tactical

Leatherneck Tactical is a custom-holster company based outside of Nashville, TN.  Its head honcho, a…

Product Showcase