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Preview – Keep It Discreet Undercover Bags

Preview   Keep It Discreet Undercover Bags photoCamouflage patterns, MOLLE, ALICE and PALS webbing is great stuff for range bags and weapon cases. Unfortunately, it also screams: “Hey, look at me! I’m packing heat!” If you’re not looking to draw attention, discreet undercover bags can help you keep a low profile—both for law-enforcement officers who are undercover and for everyday gun owners who don’t need or want to be noticed.

A friend of the RECOIL team whom we will refer to as DC is an avid 3-Gun competitor who once transported his guns in MOLLE-covered bags. He came home one night to find his house ransacked, and the thieves had specific targets in mind: his guns. They had ripped his cabinet from the floor, grabbed some other valuables, and bolted. DC believes he was spotted taking his guns from his car in their not-so-covert cases. That made him a target.

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