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Preview- Maximizing Polaris’ Stealth Ranger EV

Polaris’ Ranger EV is a sturdy workhorse right out of the box and a popular choice among enthusiasts who require a tough, versatile UTV. Its 11.5-kilowatt battery stack and 30-horsepower, electric motor deliver enough performance to overcome most situations; naturally, however, functionality and modification are open to preference. Just ask Rick Sosebee, of Atlanta, Georgia, who has scoured the aftermarket and crafted this EV into a utilitarian go-getter for both work and play.

Preview  Maximizing Polaris Stealth Ranger EV photoJensen’s compact, waterproof radio from its premium Heavy-Duty line offers a multitude of features, including an AM/FM tuner; auxiliary outputs for MP3 and portable CD players; and a seven-channel, NOAA weatherband tuner with Weather Alert that interrupts AM/FM broadcasts should any sudden changes in weather become imminent. Jensen’s universal mounting kit for UTVs makes installation particularly easy.

Preview  Maximizing Polaris Stealth Ranger EV photoKolpin’s line of gun boots and mounts are made for virtually all ATVs and UTVs. This EV features an in-bed, double-gun-boot mount and 6.0 cases for rifle concealment. The cases have a polyurethane shell and removable inners; the mounts are kept low so as to not obscure the driver’s view.

Preview  Maximizing Polaris Stealth Ranger EV photo



A Glock Sport Combat holster housing a G20 SF 10mm was custom mounted into the center of the EV’s dashboard for quick and easy access.


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