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Preview – Mini Red-Dot Optics

Tiny Little Sights
Quick and Accurate Things Come in Small Packages

Who remembers when cell phones were the size of a briefcase and could barely hold a conversation? Now, you have an iPhone that you forget is in your pocket, and it’s smarter than your Uncle Stuart. The same with all manner of gadgets and technology…they just keep getting smaller and better. So why should it be any different with red-dot sights? They’re smaller, tougher, and more capable than ever.

These mini red-dot optics are more specifically known as reflex sights, with an LED that projects the reticle which is in turn reflected off the lens. Unlike tubular sights, such as the ubiquitous Aimpoint, these have a single lens assembly. Like the Aimpoint, though, these sights have unlimited eye relief — keep both eyes open, point and shoot. Just place the dot where you want your bullet to go. They provide for quick and accurate shots, make shooting on the move easier, and in particular are prized by aging shooters who can no longer effectively focus on iron sights.

Preview   Mini Red Dot Optics photoPreview   Mini Red Dot Optics photo

Because of their size, they can be mounted just about anywhere — on pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Long utilized by competitive shooters, the miniscule red dots have been increasingly adopted for duty use and everyday carry. With so many models offering various combinations of features, reticles, dimensions, and characteristics, there’s surely one that will fit your needs.

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