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Preview – Rubigone

A Dream Wrangler That Is Ready For Play Or Survival

You don’t have to wait for the end of the world or roving groups of undead to feel the need to bug out for a bit.  Long days strapped into an office chair next to a cubicle mate who wants to tell you all about her 15 cats,  sitting for hours in a freeway parking lot without an ETA home, or living next door to a wing-nut neighbor who always seems to place those “Hope” and “Change” signs on your side of the property line are all acceptable reasons for needing some time away.

Recreation is life’s best medicine and leaving civilization with a few of your favorite firearms and enough gear to be self-sufficient for a couple days is an age-old tradition guaranteed to give you the recharge you’ve earned. Doing it in a vehicle that gets you further away will almost certainly ensure your peace and isolation. In the spirit of bugging out of everyday life, Bob Tulley of Corona, California’s Wrangler fits the bill.

Preview   Rubigone photoPreview   Rubigone photo

Starting life as an ’08 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and fully upgraded by Off Road Evolution in Fullerton, California, this rig is overbuilt by most standards, yet remains civil enough to be a daily driver. Based on the long-wheelbase, 4-door Wrangler JK Unlimited, it’s big enough to take you and a buddy away for the weekend (or the family away from Armageddon), but still compact enough to ft on most trails. The race-inspired suspension, beefy underpinnings, and massive rolling stock add to the “just-in-case” factor and allows the Jeep to climb over boulders to get you to the high point, or over the top of the boss’s Prius; you’ll know if you ever find it blocking the parking lot exit.

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