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Preview – Surviving The Urban Jungle

Staying Safe In Unstable Environments
Hollywood would lead us to believe that spies and armed personnel have a sixth sense that alerts them when threats lurk around the corner. The bad guys dressed as janitors always reveal their earpieces at the last second, and the hit man’s pistol suddenly materializes just in time for the protagonist to react and evade. Real life, sadly, is much less predictable, and often more lethal for the protagonist. The average person traveling in an unfamiliar city can easily chance upon a circumstance that turns violent or tragic. Those looking to take advantage of strangers are likely on their own territory, waiting to exploit a vulnerability a victim may not be aware of until it’s too late. RECOIL polled a handful of self-defense experts to provide some basic steps to keep you safe when you’re in transit or in an unfamiliar place.

“There is no substitute for being switched on,” Larry Vickers, a former Delta Force Operator and tactical firearms instructor, maintained. “Staying situationally aware and not acting like a victim will keep you safer than any weapon. There is a time and a place for the Gray Man, but in general, don’t carry yourself like someone who is weak or afraid.”

Barry Eisler, a former CIA operations officer and a bestselling novelist of thrillers, agreed. “Alert and aware people do not make good victims,” he asserted. “A violent confrontation is not where any sensible person wants to be. Being alert and avoiding problems before they start is the key.

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