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Preview – Transport – Hagglunds Bv206

Photography By Scott Majors

RECOIL Rides Along in the World’s Most Elite and Versatile Tracked Vehicle

This beast can tackle some brutal landscapes. A mountainous plateau bombarded by a relentless blizzard? Check. A backcountry path pockmarked by boulders and felled trees? No biggie. Dirt roads and asphalt make this ride laugh. The Hagglunds Bandvagen 206 — or Bv206, as it is more commonly known — is a multipurpose, tracked small unit support vehicle (SUSV) capable of handling extreme terrain and offering accessibility to some of the world’s most remote locations.

Built as a successor to the Bv202, made by Volvo, the Hagglunds Bv206 met the Swedish government’s need for an all-purpose vehicle with more power and lower maintenance issues than its Volvo counterpart. While the Volvo Bv202 tracks were iron and easily rusted out, the Hagglunds Bv206 features a track made of reinforced nylon, with some of the newer models using Kevlar tracks.

Preview   Transport   Hagglunds Bv206 photoPreview   Transport   Hagglunds Bv206 photo

The Bv206 is suited for a variety of conditions, and spanning harsh winter environments is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg for the diverse capabilities of this vehicle. In addition to excelling in extreme snow, the Bv206 can also ford streams, scale rock surfaces, swim deep water, and maneuver through mud, muck, and post-disaster/combat debris. The unit is even fully amphibious without extra preparation. Hydrostatic, articulated steering allows for a surprisingly tight turning radius, and the 2-ton payload makes the vehicle absolutely invaluable during personnel or cargo transport.

That said, the vehicle is easily the most sought after in the world when it comes to the Snowcat/Bearcat market. RECOIL Magazine had the pleasure of receiving an afternoon lecture and ride-along from Art Seely, who is president and CEO of Safety One Training International and a licensed dealer/expert of the Hagglunds Bv206.

Preview   Transport   Hagglunds Bv206 photo

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