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Preview – Transport – Toyota Tundra

Bug Out In the Time of Zombies

Maxwell Matthewson and Patrick Vuong
Photography by Maxwell Matthewson

We’re usually not ones to feed into the current, though thankfully fading, undead fetish. You won’t see a special RECOIL flesh-eaters issue or a buyer’s guide on zombie-green rifle accessories. But we have to admit that if there were a living-dead pandemic, we’d have no fear being at ground zero so long as we were behind the wheel of this off-road rig.

In recent years, we’ve seen many a truck souped up to serve as zombie apocalypse vehicles. Some are serious tanks that can handle any terrain thrown at them, while others are really just trailer queens disguised with a lot of automotive makeup and not enough muscle. This 2011 Toyota Tundra, however, doesn’t need a boost of creatine. “Another ’Yota?” you might ask. Sure, we featured a Tundra in Issue 10, but this truck is perhaps even more prepared for a SHTF scenario. It is bulletproof after all. No, really, it is.

Preview   Transport   Toyota Tundra photoPreview   Transport   Toyota Tundra photo

Ready for World War Z
The first thing any good end-of-the-world vehicle needs is a bigger stance to clear hordes of walkers, downed power lines, and the useless smartcars that will no doubt litter the streets. So, the truck owner — who is former military and prefers to keep his name out of print — outfitted his rig with a 7-inch BDS lift kit front and rear. Icon Vehicle Dynamics remote reservoir coilovers and piggyback shocks make sure that the Tundra rides great, even over the roughest terrain. Hellwig sway bars front and rear control body roll, while custom skidplates protect undercarriage vitals. The 37×13.50R20 Nitto Mud Grappler M/T tires are held in place with OMF Performance beadlocks on a set of KMC XD wheels.

Another must for a bug-out vehicle is more power. Giving the 5.7L V-8 a boost is a Volant cold-air intake system. Doug Thorley long-tube headers route the hot exhaust to the 3-inch Flowmaster mufflers. Getting the engine’s power to the ground is a set of Nitro ring-and-pinion gears front and rear. Finally, a Bully Dog GT T+ tuner allows one of four different tunes to be loaded into the iForce’s ECU.

And as we all know, the last man on earth will no doubt be standing with a gun in his hands. With desperate folks, straight-up villains, and hordes of the undead dotting the landscape, dealing with firearms is a given when World War Z hits. To survive an ambush or to prevent an errant round from disabling this Toyota, almost the entire truck has been made bulletproof — at the cost of $15,000. This includes the doors, the windows, the camper shell, and the engine compartment.

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