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Preview – Transport – War Wagon Toyota Tundra

Inside Wilco Products’ Urban Attack Tundra

The problem with bug-out vehicles is that they are, as the name implies, reserved for bugging out — retreating. There’s no shame in having this as your main strategy, but we all know that the need to remain flexible during a critical event is as important as getting your hits and keeping your gun running. In an EOTWAWKI scenario, your so-called bug-out vehicle could be called upon to conduct a frontal assault, support an ambush, evacuate casualties, set up a roadblock, or serve as a V-8-powered battering ram.

The ever-flexible staff at Wilco Products realized this, and it didn’t take long for them to convince us that they could build a full-on urban attack truck that was capable of so much more than being loaded up with MOLLE gear and high-tailing it to the hills. With the help of a former U.S. Navy SEAL Ground Mobility program manager, the project quickly took shape and the Toyota “War Wagon” was born.

Preview   Transport   War Wagon Toyota Tundra photoPreview   Transport   War Wagon Toyota Tundra photo

Roger Wilco
Wilco’s experience is widespread, but the company’s passion for Baja-style desert racing certainly played a huge part in the project, as did its ability to consider the high level of versatility required of a modern pickup truck turned do-it-all vehicle. After careful consideration, the project managers decided to focus on three key areas: increased protection, efficient gear integration, and better off-road capabilities. But before even a single welding torch was sparked, a suitable platform for the build needed to be found.

Normally dealing with the storied Ford Raptor line, Wilco decided to go a different route and instead employed a Toyota for this build. A strong stock truck with a solid engine, the modern Tundras are also wickedly capable in the dirt. There was no debate about the drive system; four-wheel-drive would be essential to meet the demands of the unknown. It was also determined that a Double Cab configuration with a 6½-foot bed provided the best balance between interior and exterior room. With the objectives made clear and the proper truck in place, the work started.

Preview   Transport   War Wagon Toyota Tundra photo

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