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Preview – Travis Haley – Climbing the Ladder

Travis Haley’s Life in Service

Travis Haley is certainly cut from a different cloth. In our world, he is a man who needs little introduction, thanks to his Marine Corps background, Special Ops experience, and combat-training prowess. Legions of fanboys laud him as their hero, ready to kick in doors, scale walls, and blast away bad guys for him, even if it is only in their own vicarious, G.I. Joe, alpha-male fantasies. Just as a legion of other firearms enthusiasts have, we’ve come to know Haley from his successful training-video lines and extracted, YouTube, combat footage. Though for all the combat and training videos we’ve viewed, and message boards we’ve scrutinized, we do not know Travis Haley, not at all. To suggest that those videos, his precision shooting competition highlights, and even his rep, don’t do justice to the man behind them would be an understatement. We visited Haley at his Haley Strategic Partners base in Montrose, Colorado, and learned this first-hand. It was time to see what all the hype was about and get a better understanding of who Travis Haley really is.

Travis’s R&D Room

During the afternoon we spent with him, we received weapons system overviews for a variety of platforms, an overview of his company, and a tour of part of his R&D facility. He then went snowboarding, paragliding, and ice climbing-yes, ice climbing-all in the same afternoon. It’s all par for the course for the 15-year veteran of the Marine Corps who has worked Force Reconnaissance missions in enough countries to field a small lesson in geography.


“A lot of people would say I live an extreme lifestyle,” Haley said while uploading a new, viral, promotional video for Haley Strategic Partners, the company he founded and for which he serves as CEO. “I don’t. I just live a lifestyle that I enjoy that helps me to be a better contributor to society.” You know he means it.

In that same afternoon, Haley also lamented his numerous trips to Arlington, Virginia, shared a beer with us, confessed of his love for cooking, and read a book called Captain Underpants with his two youngest sons, Hayden and Hudson. He gushed about his wife, Jennifer, calling her “truly the better half,” praising her as a “much needed, constant reminder of the priorities in life.” He humbly insists his military service was simply the best way for him to help the world, and that it has only been through scaling back from active duty, to contractor work, to eventually forming his own company, that he has finally been able to spend more time with his family. “My wealth is my health and my family,” Haley said.

For him, helping others is a task that takes many manifestations, and bettering the closest one to him was the main motivation for starting his own company.

“Haley Strategic Partners is concerned with helping people, period,” Haley explained. “The people that we align ourselves with are of the same moral fiber and ethics that we are. My partners know what I stand for, as I know what they stand for. They also know who I stand with and who we stand against.” Haley also candidly opened up about his time in the Marine Corps, his lessons learned from life experiences, his advice to his kids, and even his bout with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He shed some light on how we could become better shooters, what it means to prepare for the “One Percent,” and what it was like to take a man who was one of the last known survivors of the dual theaters of World War II to see Saving Private Ryan. That man? His grandfather. Read up.

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