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Preview – when things do go wrong

Affordable Bug-Out Repair Gear

You’re prepared. You’ve got your bug-out bag fully stocked, your defensive tools are at the ready, and more importantly, you have a plan for when Shit Hits The Fan. But no matter how prepared you are or how good your plan is, there’s always one law of human nature you have to be aware of: Murphy’s. That “anything that can go wrong will go wrong” is of particular consequence when survival skills are a must.

Some very important pieces of gear many forget to include in their bug-out bag is a kit to actually f x the bag itself. Can you imagine bugging out and a clasp breaks on your bag, or a strap fails? Capt. Murphy doesn’t care if your bag is the same one that Tier 1 Operators use, or just a JanSport you bought at the local mall—he knows the law applies to all of us just the same.

Preview   when things do go wrong photoPreview   when things do go wrong photo

Not to worry. Here are some very affordable options to make sure you have the necessary gear to repair your bug-out bag if something should happen. Having them will raise your level of preparedness to the next level and get you one up on Murphy’s calamitous Law itself.

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