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RifleGear’s Exclusive LWRCI Scythe REPR

The “Scythe REPR” comes to you from Fountain Valley based RifleGear. It’s an exclusive design built around LWRCI’s Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle chambered in 7.62 NATO. Features include a 14.7 in. spiral fluted (1/10 rh) cold rotary hammer forged barrel, B5 SOPMOD stock, MagPul MOE+, Geissele SSA trigger, tungsten Cerakote finish, SureFire SOCOM muzzle brake, LWRCI folding BUIS and laser etched graphics. All of that but the latter makes it weapon system that really performs.

The latter doesn’t improve the mechanics or ballistics, but it does look bad ass.

RifleGear LWRC Scythe REPR 2

RifleGear LWRC Scythe REPR 4

Is it pricey? Sure, but this isn’t the rifle version of a 1971 Ford Pinto either. Compare to the RifleGear Leonidas, which runs about $4,000, and to the more standard cerakoted REPRs that run $3,600 without Geiselle trigger and SureFire muzzle brake.

You can order a Scythe here,  and learn more about RifleGear here. They’re also on Instagram, Facebook, Google +, Twitter and YouTube.

RifleGear LWRC Scythe REPR 3Note that the California version will include an installed magazine lock and California compliant magazine. Those of you outside the occupied zone (i.e. living abroad, in free states) will be shipped the version that hasn’t been emasculated by nonsensical gun laws.


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