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Salient Arms Glock Tier 1 Trigger Kit

Salient Arms International (SAI) has released its Glock Tier 1 Trigger Kit, this is the same trigger that comes in SAI’s top of the line Tier 1 custom Glocks. The Tier 1 Trigger Kit is designed to be a complete fire control system, and features SAI’s own trigger shoe/safety along with its proprietary “minus-striker” and 4.5lb striker spring.

Also included are SAI:

  • Tuned and polished trigger bar
  • Tuned ejector housing
  • Trigger return spring
  • Safety plunger/safety plunger spring
  • Tuned Glock 4.5 connector

Note: Image shown features SAI’s special-edition Titanium Nitride coated trigger group.

MSRP for the SAI Glock Tier 1 Trigger Kit is $265. Currently the SAI website is under construction, so for further information you can contact them at (805) 983-1200.

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