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Streamlight SolarStream – Vehicle Charger

Streamlight has released their SolarStream supplemental vehicle charging system to keep batteries charged on vehicles with high battery draw. If you use your battery to run a large amount of electronics in your vehicle the SolarStream may be right for you.

The Power You Need
– Compensates for natural discharge and parasitic drains on your vehicle’s battery.
– Provides the vehicle with a 14 watt supplemental power source.
– Dispenses a milliamp level current to vehicle battery, helping to prevent it from draining completely.

Proven Performance with Thin Film Amorphous Silicon Technology
– Adhesive-backed panel is wind-resistant – tested to 120 mph.
– Adheres to a variety of contoured surfaces.
– Allows for maximum solar collection as it is not dependent on mounting angle.
– Continues to collect sunlight in low-light conditions (heat and shade tolerant).
– Performance and durability verified by one year of police vehicle field testing.
– Applicable to fiberglass roofs.
– Designed to reduce concern of overcharging and to prevent reverse charging.

Panel Length – 40.88 in. (103.8 cm)
Width – 13.07 in. (33.2 cm)
Weight – 1.3 lbs (0.6kg)
Cord Length – 20 ft. (6 meters)
Reliable: Panel will continue to operate at reduced performance if panel sections are damaged
Packaged with fuse holder and fuse

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