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SureFire Customer Service Review

There’s a lot of high quality gear out in the market, but no manufacturer is perfect and from time to time defective parts end up in customers hands. When this happens, manufacturers have a chance to really differentiate themselves from the competition by taking care of their customers. I recently had a chance to try out SureFire’s warranty program and customer service firsthand.

On my SHTF AR-15, that I take to the range multiple times a month, I’ve been running a SureFire X300 weaponlight and XT07 Remote Dual Switch assembly. But recently the light developed a problem. When using the XT07’s lockout toggle switch to activate the ability to use the controls on the Picatinny remote portion, it would turn the X300 to a constant on. I tried tapping the momentary pressure pad which had no effect. Then I tried using the on-off button, still wouldn’t turn off. The on-off button actually changed the brightness output, X300s aren’t supposed to have a high-low ability. Next I tried my XT07 on another X300 – same problem, then I tried using just the remote portion in a friend’s M300A Scout light – same problem.

Finally I decided to give SureFire’s Customer Service a call to see what could be done. Now I know what some of you might be thinking, I just named dropped working for RECOIL and they shipped me out a new one. That’s not the case. This was my personal gear, so I didn’t feel appropriate bringing up RECOIL. Plus I wanted to see how they would treat Joe Consumer.

After a few minutes of being on hold I reached a customer service representative. I explained the problem I was having, and the diagnosing I went through that pointed to my XT07 as being the culprit. The representative was polite, and asked me to send the XT07 and X300 in for them to take a look at. I hadn’t even thought about sending the X300 in also, but they recommended it to make sure there weren’t any problems with the light itself.

Seven days (including a Saturday and Sunday) from when the UPS tracking number said SureFire received my X300 and XT07, I received everything back. I should note that your results may vary on how long it takes to receive your gear back based on how far you live from SureFire. I’m within one day UPS Ground shipping from them. The XT07 and X300 came back in perfect working order, the lockout toggle switch engaged and disengaged properly, as well as all the other functions. For my trouble, SureFire include a new pair of their 123A lithium batteries, a sticker, a marketing piece on their batteries, and something unexpected.

The X300 I sent in had originally lived on one of my handguns where it had seen somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 rounds fired before being moved over to my carbine. From its time on my pistol the lens was slightly cloudy, and the finish on the top of housing had taken a beating. To my surprise SureFire had replaced the lens and housing with new parts. This was something I never brought up during my time on the phone with them, and didn’t expect them to replace. Their warranty specifically doesn’t include “normal wear and tear”. Replacing those parts shows that SureFire is willing to go the extra mile for their customer.

SureFire’s customer service and warranty program get an A+ from me. When you spend your hard earned money on gear, its added piece of mind that the company you are buying from stands behind their products. SureFire is without a doubt one of those companies, and in my case they went above and beyond for Joe Consumer.

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