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The American Dream: Can Can Concealment Celebrates 5 Years of Manufacturing

Darlene Cary’s path is the epitome of the American dream. The business she built is celebrating its 5th year of American manufacturing. The history of Can Can Concealment reads like a series of events which happened at the right time and to the right person to make such a company successful.

Darlene Cary

Can Can Concealment founder Darlene Cary

For its five year anniversary, Can Can Concealment released the following press release, which is a good lesson in grabbing opportunity by the horns:

ODESSA, FL. Feb. 2013 – Darlene Cary, Founder & Executive Officer of Can Can Concealment, LLC, encourages women to pursue product ideas that they are passionate about. In November 2012, after a 40-hour handgun training course, Darlene went to several gun stores to look for a concealed carry holster and was surprised at the lack of options. Who better to provide solutions to women’s needs than a woman?  That’s when she designed a holster for herself and Can Can Concealment was born.

She’s been sewing professionally since the age of 14, is an award-winning costume designer, author, and sewing educator.  Darlene was regularly seen on national television for over 18 years and is trained in European tailoring and couture. It makes sense that a single idea would grow into a line that includes a size for every woman, a style for every gun and a holster for every wardrobe choice!

Can Can Facility 2

Her son George Cahill left his career as a cruise ship entertainer to help her with the family owned and operated business in 2014. “We never would have made it this far if George didn’t jump on board four years ago”, she recalls with gratitude. Today George wears many hats including generating ads, graphics, IT and websites, attends trade shows and account management.

In addition to encouraging women to take responsibility for their own safety, Cary states that sourcing their raw materials and keeping manufacturing in the USA is an important part of Can Can’s mission. She said, “Manufacturing on our own shores and creating American jobs is a big part of what motivates me to go to work every day!”

Can Can Facility 1

Cary combined her love of shooting and sewing to produce a remarkably secure, comfortable and stylish line of holsters for women.  What began as a backyard hobby has grown into a manufacturing business that supplies the predominantly women’s line to over 225 gun stores both domestic and Internationally. Darlene’s grassroots approach through social media has women requesting their local Gun Stores to stock the Can Can Brand. Speaking about her customers Cary says, “It’s women like our Can Can Gals that make what we do worthwhile!”

can can 1

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