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The Intelligent Combat Sight from Steiner

Steiner’s new line, announced earlier in the year, is full featured. Dubbed the Intelligent Combat Sight (ICS), it can provide trajectory data out to 800m. It has an integral laser range finder, inclinometer, and ballistic computer rolled inside that go to work at the push of a button. After the firing solution is calculated, it displays a visible red dot on your reticle for your point of aim. It also sports a short Picatinny rail on top (RMR, anyone?) and a set of rudimentary offset iron sights built right in.

Now some of this we’ve heard before, but Steiner has been in the optics game for a long time and has a great reputation. We’ll reserve final judgement until we get more hands on but it sure looks intriguing. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Steiner’s new “Intelligent” Combat Sight (ICS) integrates a laser rangefinder and a ballistic calculator into a rugged and compact tactical weapons sight that greatly increases accuracy and first round hit probability for infantry soldiers and tactical operators.
The 6x40mm ICS, a true electro-optical aiming device, provides trajectory compensation out to 800 meters by automatically calculating the point-of-aim based on ammunition ballistics, measured distance and angle to the target.

Despite its sophisticated technology, the ICS is ruggedized, simple to operate and requires minimal training. It is optimized for the 7.62x51mm Battle Rifle, but can be easily configured for specific 5.56mm, 300 Blackout and .300 Win Mag cartridges.

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For more information, you can visit Steiner’s homepage here, or follow them on Facebook 

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