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Titanfall – it’s almost here

Titanfall – players have been waiting on this game from developer Respawn Entertainment for about 3 years now. In a video below you can watch an unveiling of the collector’s edition  (it comes out in just a few weeks) and as you can see it comes in one big damn box. Here’s a look at it, courtesy of Vince Zampella, Joel Emslie, and Abbie Heppe. The “mech” game has earned a number of awards over the last year – Tokyo Game Show 2013 Future Game of Show, Game Critics Awards Best of Show/Best Original Game/Best Console Game/Best PC Game/Best Action Game/Best Online Multiplayer (part of a record breaking series) at E3 – well, you get the point.

Here’s a trailer.

Here’s that look at the Collector’s Edition. Below it there’s a Beta Trailer from IGN.

You can preorder yours here.


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