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10-8 Performance VTAC M&P Rear Sights (2020 Update)

10-8 Performance focuses more on 1911 sights and Glock sights. In addition, magazine pads for the Smith & Wesson M&P line of pistols is offered.

10-8 Performance has released a new rear sight specifically for the Smith & Wesson M&P VTAC. The rear sight replaces the 4-dot fiber optic and tritium square notch factory sight with a serrated, plain black .140″ U notch model. The tall rear sight's U notch is cut extra deep to work with the 2-dot VTAC front sight.

The 10-8 Performance sight is not designed to be a suppressor height sight or backup irons for mini red-dot optics.

The 10-8 Peformance sight is not designed to be a suppressor height sight or backup irons for mini red-dot optics. MSRP for the 10-8 S&W VTAC M&P rear sight is $48.75.

10-8 Performance rear sight for the S&W M&P pistol.

2020 Update:

10-8 Performance focuses on 1911 sights and Glock sights and considers them its flagship line of products. In addition, magazine pads for the Smith & Wesson M&P line of pistols are offered (Glock mag pads are also available). Parts and magazines are in the company's lineup for the STI 2011 line of pistols.

10-8 offers the following advice when thinking about how to choose aftermarket sights for your 1911, Glock or M&P:

With all these choices available, what is one to choose? The pairing of a .125″ wide front and .140″ rear is one of the most popular setups, and provides an excellent balance of speed and precision. This would be the across the board recommendation for 90% of shooters until they learn to develop their own particular preferences. The next most popular pairing is the .115″ wide front and .140″ rear, and is our recommendation for experienced shooters who like a narrower front sight which covers less of the target area.

Older shooters with middle aged presbyopia may find relief with a bright fiber optic front sight in .125″ width and a .156″ notch rear. If more light is needed and distance accuracy is less of a concern, a thinner front sight like a .115″ could be used.

10-8 Performance is something of a boutique parts dealer for specific makes and models of handguns. You'll find an assortment of armorers' tools at 10-8, including armorer block and Glock front sight nut driver.

In conjunction with gun parts, 10-8 offers the following training:

  • Pistol/Carbine Performance
  • Pistol Optics
  • 1911 Duty Tune and Armorer
  • 1911/2011 Performance
  • STI 2011 Factory Armorer Certification
  • STI 2011 Performance, LE
  • CQB (LE/Mil Only)


The company has an interesting history. It was founded by retired FBI Special Agent Hilton Yam, who worked on the Bureau's SWAT and was a senior firearms instructor. Learn more here.

Corey Graff contributed to this article.

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