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12 Days of Christmas 2020: Day 14 Diamondback DB15DB Rifle Giveaway

RECOIL 12 Days of Christmas 2020 – Day 14 Diamondback Firearms DB15DB Rifle Giveaway

34 responses to “12 Days of Christmas 2020: Day 14 Diamondback DB15DB Rifle Giveaway”

  1. Jacob Bain says:

    I would love to have this !


    Great AR

    • Allen Carter says:

      I lived in Texas back in the late 90s and had three firearms which i sold on Craigslist before you couldn’t do that. I’ve been without a firearm since then. I sold them because I was moving back to California and my mom said I wouldn’t need them there. Little did she know that I would definitely need them. I would love to own it.

    • Spurgeon says:

      Help me I’m poor

  3. Randy White says:

    Thanks for the chance .would make a great christmas gift.

  4. Brad castellon says:

    Would make a pero Christmas present and I would love for it to be my 1st rifle 👍

  5. GLENN N WILLIS says:

    Must have before the Damn Democrats outlaw them.

  6. GLENN N WILLIS says:

    Needed to add to my collection.

  7. Len Tower says:

    What a great opportunity!

  8. Edgar Carmenatty says:


  9. Terry Payne says:

    a big 10-4

  10. Lance Williams says:

    This looks great would make a great first AR . Please send with Santa would be wonderful for Xmas.

  11. Gary cosper says:

    I’m ready..

  12. Lawrence Hartman says:

    I live in Illinois and have a son who lives in South Dakota. I can’t get ammo here and I was wondering if I can order ammo for him or does he need to order the ammo ? We need target rounds that you can use at an inside target range.

  13. Alan Minear says:

    This would really make a great Christmas gift!!

  14. Anthony Young says:

    Awesome. Hard to get your hands on these lately this would be sick

  15. Michael Evans says:

    I love this and would love to win it as a late birthday present (12/20/1957).

  16. Robert Zseltvay says:

    Great prize

  17. Robert Sigman says:

    Awesome gun

  18. David S Bradley says:

    I need this

  19. David B Roberts says:

    I really don’t think that I would win…but I hope
    I hope do.

  20. Heidi Baird says:

    Nice black gun would love to have it hopefully I’m on the nice list and not the naughty…

  21. David Hull says:

    You have put together an awesome giveaway, wether I receive a prize or not you made this season great.

  22. David Engstrom says:

    Something I could use here in Seattle!

  23. Stephen R Cmar says:

    Had to sell my on AR just to make ends meet for my kids…would love to have one again

  24. Johnnie Stephen Addair says:

    I never win anything it would be nice to win!

  25. Rob M says:

    This is great

  26. Hilario torres says:

    This will be added to my gun arsenal for hog hunting

  27. Robert Galin says:

    It definitely says “stay back.”

  28. pedro says:

    i love db rifles

  29. Erik Hall says:

    Mary Christmas and a safe new year.

  30. Austin says:

    Rolling the dice! Merry Xmas!

  31. Arthur says:

    Would be perfect can’t seem to find anything in stock now a days.

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