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12 Days of Christmas 2020: Day 14 Diamondback DB15DB Rifle Giveaway

RECOIL 12 Days of Christmas 2020 – Day 14 Diamondback Firearms DB15DB Rifle Giveaway

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For years, RECOIL magazine has treated its readers to a full-size (sometimes full color!) shooting target tucked into each big issue. Now we've compiled over 50 of our most popular targets into this one digital PDF download. From handgun drills to AR-15 practice, these 50+ targets have you covered. Print off as many as you like (ammo not included).

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34 responses to “12 Days of Christmas 2020: Day 14 Diamondback DB15DB Rifle Giveaway”

  1. Jacob Bain says:

    I would love to have this !


    Great AR

    • Allen Carter says:

      I lived in Texas back in the late 90s and had three firearms which i sold on Craigslist before you couldn’t do that. I’ve been without a firearm since then. I sold them because I was moving back to California and my mom said I wouldn’t need them there. Little did she know that I would definitely need them. I would love to own it.

    • Spurgeon says:

      Help me I’m poor

  3. Randy White says:

    Thanks for the chance .would make a great christmas gift.

  4. Brad castellon says:

    Would make a pero Christmas present and I would love for it to be my 1st rifle 👍

  5. GLENN N WILLIS says:

    Must have before the Damn Democrats outlaw them.

  6. GLENN N WILLIS says:

    Needed to add to my collection.

  7. Len Tower says:

    What a great opportunity!

  8. Edgar Carmenatty says:


  9. Terry Payne says:

    a big 10-4

  10. Lance Williams says:

    This looks great would make a great first AR . Please send with Santa would be wonderful for Xmas.

  11. Gary cosper says:

    I’m ready..

  12. Lawrence Hartman says:

    I live in Illinois and have a son who lives in South Dakota. I can’t get ammo here and I was wondering if I can order ammo for him or does he need to order the ammo ? We need target rounds that you can use at an inside target range.

  13. Alan Minear says:

    This would really make a great Christmas gift!!

  14. Anthony Young says:

    Awesome. Hard to get your hands on these lately this would be sick

  15. Michael Evans says:

    I love this and would love to win it as a late birthday present (12/20/1957).

  16. Robert Zseltvay says:

    Great prize

  17. Robert Sigman says:

    Awesome gun

  18. David S Bradley says:

    I need this

  19. David B Roberts says:

    I really don’t think that I would win…but I hope
    I hope do.

  20. Heidi Baird says:

    Nice black gun would love to have it hopefully I’m on the nice list and not the naughty…

  21. David Hull says:

    You have put together an awesome giveaway, wether I receive a prize or not you made this season great.

  22. David Engstrom says:

    Something I could use here in Seattle!

  23. Stephen R Cmar says:

    Had to sell my on AR just to make ends meet for my kids…would love to have one again

  24. Johnnie Stephen Addair says:

    I never win anything it would be nice to win!

  25. Rob M says:

    This is great

  26. Hilario torres says:

    This will be added to my gun arsenal for hog hunting

  27. Robert Galin says:

    It definitely says “stay back.”

  28. pedro says:

    i love db rifles

  29. Erik Hall says:

    Mary Christmas and a safe new year.

  30. Austin says:

    Rolling the dice! Merry Xmas!

  31. Arthur says:

    Would be perfect can’t seem to find anything in stock now a days.

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