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12 Days of Christmas 2021: Day 11 – Aero Precision Custom AR Rifle

-RECOIL 12 Days of Christmas 2021 – Day 11 Aero Precision Custom AR Rifle

30 responses to “12 Days of Christmas 2021: Day 11 – Aero Precision Custom AR Rifle”

  1. Thomas W Hayes says:

    Would love to have it.

  2. Jeffrey Longstaff says:

    Didn’t know I needed it…til I saw it!

  3. kevin fyffe says:

    I would really like to have that rifle!!

  4. Cliff McKelvy says:

    I LIKE IT!

  5. mark greer says:

    have m4 need full size ar

  6. Erik Magnuson says:

    Great Looking Rifle !

  7. Michael Craig Stephens says:

    Cool looking rifle

  8. MICHAEL J TRACY says:

    The living room captha is annoying

  9. rick fowler says:

    thanks for the chance

  10. John Larsell says:

    looking good

  11. Mike Bartha says:

    Great rifle. Aero is top shelf.

  12. Mike Bartha says:

    Hope I win…

  13. James Kaiser says:

    Sure wood like one, especially since my health problems occirred. thank you for te opportunity.

  14. Sean Southard says:

    Sweet smoke pole! Hope I win.

  15. rickey janeway says:

    I would love to have that. It’s awesome!!

  16. G. King says:

    This would be Great!

  17. ROBERT N SIMS says:

    Sweet. Very Nice

  18. Simmons says:

    Would love to add this to my collection! Love the color!

  19. David Allen says:

    It is a beautiful rifle, but I’d prefer its cash value so that I could make my own 80% AR. (Or if they would send me everything needed to build my own 80% that would work for me as well. IE: all pats plus an aluminum 80% lower, jigs, drill bits and router tips.

  20. David S Bradley says:


  21. Jake says:

    Looking forward to this!

  22. Dana Russell says:

    Very nice! I’d be proud to own one.

  23. Michael Davis says:

    great looking build! would be proud to own.

  24. Conrad Kovash says:

    Blooming AWESOME PRIZE

  25. Pete Doughty says:

    Merry Christmas to US … Good Luck All

  26. Michael G Quezada says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone…and to all my fellow Iraq/Afghanistan/HOA veterans…i hope you all are well!

  27. jim nylund says:

    yes like all of the aboue i to would like to win thanks

  28. Jay W. Gradinger says:

    I want this rifle. I sorta drool just looking at it!

  29. Mike Heissler says:

    Merry xmas what better gift than a ar

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