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12-Inch Barreled 12 Gauge? This and More from Kalashnikov USA

We recently spent some time down in sunny Florida to get hands-on with some of the latest wares from Kalashnikov USA.

Many people think Kalashnikov USA is affiliated with the Russian Kalashnikov Concern, but aside from half the name and sporting employees who are AK-nerds, it's simply not the case.

In July of last year Jonathan Mossberg (yes, that Mossberg) became the CEO of Kalashnikov USA. He immediately instituted quality assurance measures such as proofing and marking barrels, and extensive testing to ensure parts are up to spec–given that inconsistency is seemingly the only consistency regarding AK-type rifles, this was no small undertaking.


Though quality assurance and quality control may not be the sexiest of endeavors, it does mean there will be far fewer issues down the line. Like when you're putting rounds downrange. Their KR-9 pistols, rifles, and SBRs all eat assorted ammunition to ensure proper feeding before making it into the shipping box. This means that unlike many genuine Vityaz-SN subguns, the KR-9 will actually feed defensive ammunition. Hell, their slogan is “Russian heritage, American innovation.”


The KR-9 series just started shipping shortly prior to SHOT Show of this year. Because prior management would promise items well before they were ready to ship, the new Kalashnikov USA won't announce a product until you can get it in your hands.


We certainly spent a lot of time with their KR-9 short barreled rifle (okay, I admit I may be in love).


But the latest and greatest from Kalashnikov USA is the Komrad. A variation of their KS-12 shotgun, the Komrad short barreled shotgun and, “firearm” is exactly what you'd expect: A magfed 12-inch barreled beast. While the SBS will have a normal stock, the “firearm” version comes with a brace.


We put slugs, buckshot, and birdshot through the Komrad shotguns and if the gas was adjusted properly (setting ‘1' for high recoil, and setting ‘2' for low recoil–which will be simplified to H and L in the near future) it wasn't anywhere close to as bad as you might initially imagine. But hot damn do you get some flash along with it as you can see from the GIF below:


We got a tour of the factory floor, and while there are currently two manufacturing lines (for the KS-12 and the KR-9) there is sufficient space for at least three more. Which is a good thing, because currently Kalashnikov USA doesn't make, well, a traditional AK. We're hoping to see something in 7.62×39 or 5.45 by the next SHOT Show–but as we said, it's unlikely they'll announce something before it's available.


You can visit Kalashnikov USA online here.

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