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We have all gotten the proverbial squishy gift at Christmas.  The one you picked up as a kid and went ugh to because it was likely another pack of underwear or socks.  As an adult you come to appreciate these gifts a bit more however why not get your giftee a bit of badassery from 1776 United. 1776 United made a pretty sweet shirt for July 4th featuring their logo and the Join or Die imagery.  You'll just exude freedom if you wear one (see the picture above?).

Read on to support an entrepreneur on #smallbusinesssaturday and to maybe find #thingstolustfor that you can add to your #holidayplunder wish list.
The RECOIL team certainly are no strangers to Hi-Jinkery and Tom-Foolery  although I doubt you want to see any of us doing it naked or at speed.

Coin rings certainly aren't new but the 1776 Bicentennial Coin Ring is both stylish and a statement of your patriotism.


Not only can you get a cool shirt for your man but the lady in your life can get an awesome shirt showing the Signers of the Declaration of Independence.


The 1176 hats may not keep your ears warm in the snow but it will help keep the snow from your eyes.


Every good patch whore needs a patch in their stocking that's both patriotic and classic looking.

For these and some other great apparel you can head on over here.  If your not sure just what to get and want to see other people wearing the clothes and gear you want check out their Facebook or Instagram.


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