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XGO’s Shemagh: the Next Generation of Keffiyah

XGO's FR Shemagh remains as popular now as it was when it was introduced a couple of years ago. We ran into XGO's Director Sherry Lyons at SOFIC 2013 (Special Operations Forces Industry Conference) – she told us she keeps one in her carry-on for airline travel because of the microbial and anti-fungal protection provided by the Ag47 silver it contains.

The shemagh is manufactured of from Acclimate® FR 100% Flame Resistant, moisture-wicking no-melt cotton. It won't shrink or fade and although it is a little abrasive coming out of the package a quick wash in cold water softens it up nicely.  Buy yours here, and if you're going to wear it, know how to do so!

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