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3 EDC Loadouts for Your Monday Morning Carry

Show off your Every Day Carry, they said.

It will be fun they said.

For our EDC gear, many of us are kind of predictable. Most often we tend to stick with what works for muscle memory and all that. Basically the majority of us go for what is accurate, reliable and simple in that order. The majority of us prefer not to have a safety, but are not necessarily slaves to the striker or a pistol with a decocker.

Many of us eschew modifications to our carry firearms for liability reasons. Range guns and shooters are completely different, but again, we prize accuracy and reliability above all else.

Today we will look at 3 of my more common “EDC Loadouts”. These might be different in the sense that we wear a lot of hardware. I was a fighter before I was a shooter and my first impulse is to throw up my hands and beat someone into the ground. That's why I go with big rings and a bracelet that will ruin your day when raked across your face in a ground game.

Soon we'll give you the opportunity to show off what you're carrying (or what you want us to think you're carrying).

3 EDC Loadouts

Monday Morning Carry: EDC Loadout 1. Steyr S9-A1
edc 001

This is our basic carry setup with a Steyr S9A1 This little pistol comes with the sweetest ever factory trigger made in a striker fired handgun and ranks up there with our beloved H&K P7M8 (which we recently retired due to its value. Holster is by LAG Tactical with Shin Tac Ninja stealth loops. The most extensive mod we made to this piece was coloring in the trapezoidal sites for a faster sight picture. We carry our spare magazine in an LAG single mag pouch.

edc 002
Backing it up is a Seecamp LWS 32 in a two tone elephant and shark skin pocket holster. This piece almost never leaves the pocket.

The knife is the very first Mick Strider Custom Nightmare Concealed Carry SnG that was a gift from Mick over a decade ago. My daily watch is a Rolex Datejust with Thunderbird bezel that the lovely Mrs Searson gave me in honor of our tenth wedding anniversary around the same time frame.

Skull rings, bracelet, lighter and victory coin are courtesy of Steel Flame and the turquoise one with badger claw was a family heirloom from a now deceased blood brother. Again, they look cool but they are designed and worn in order to dish out a particularly brutal pugilistic beat down.

The Lenslight Flashlight is another constant companion. In addition to helping our aging eyes the bezel is a serious impact tool.

Iphone Six Plus in bamboo case rounds this out.


Monday Morning Carry: EDC Loadout 2. S&W M&P

edc 003

There is not much of a change in this one apart from substituting our latest carry piece for the Steyr with a Smith & Wesson M&P 9C. The compact pistol is about the same size as the Steyr and holds a few more rounds. This one in particular has the Apex forward set sear and a 4 pound trigger which I recently installed. As an M&P Armorer I grew to hate these guns due to the fugazy trigger, but Apex turns it into a genuine handgun. We use a very similar holster to ensure it is placed where we want it and that the draw and return are consistent.
edc 004
The knife here is an Emerson Knives Roadhouse with a little bling from steel flame in the form of a 45 Win Mag thumb stud and a full size Darkness clip.

Monday Morning Carry: EDC Loadout 3. Sphinx SDP Subcompact

edc 006

This is an on-the go carry option where we swap out the pistol for a Sphinx SDP Subcompact. One of the finest handguns ever made and even though it is the same size as the M&P Compact or Steyr S9A1, we get a bit more capacity.
edc 007

Necklace in this picture is a Steel Flame Killbox. A sheet of silver or in this case copper, is shot with a pistol. Derrick Obatake of Steel Flame cuts out the gun shot hole, frames it and presto: you have a Killbox. We shot this one ourselves a few years back with a 41 Magnum.

Cigar cutter is a Room 101 design by Xikar and the knife is once again the Roadhouse.


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