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3 EDC Loadouts for Monday Morning Carry

Lots of people like to show off their Every Day Carry. Usually these folks can be numbered among the gearcurious. Other times they're more metrotactical than gearcurious and at least a few people are both.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Whether it's a legitimate interest in good gear, a morbid fascination with the overachievers who claim to be carrying three times as much as they actually do or a harmless expression of narcissism, EDC pictures and discussions are now a intrinsic part of the tactical/firearm community.

This morning we”ll look at 3 possible “EDC Loadouts” you might have on, or laid out to put on, while drinking your Monday morning cup of joe. We'll see what you think about them. Soon we'll give you the opportunity to show off what you're carrying.

Or at least what you want us to think you're carrying.

Monday Morning Carry: EDC Loadout 1. S&W M&P

EDC Every Day Carry Loadout 6

This setup is a Smith & Wesson M&P in 9mm customized and made moar awesome by ATEi. It's equipped with a Surefire X300 Ultra Weapon Mounted Light (WML) and is carried strong side (right in this case) in a Raven Concealment Phantom LC (Light Compatible). A single spare magazine rides in an RCS single mag pouch. The fixed blade is a Coye Knives Ridgeback there in a “scout” style cross-draw sheath (Ridgebacks have been replaced by the Forerunners now) and a CLEER Medical MBOK for plugging or patching unwanted holes. All of this is supported on a black leather Mean Gene Leather belt with an Ares Gear Aegis buckle. Black leather wallet and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone in Otterbox case match, but in this particular case only by accident. The light is a 5.11 Tactical TMT L2X.


Monday Morning Carry: EDC Loadout 2. S&W Airweight Snubby

EDC Every Day Carry Loadout 3

The centerpiece of this much lighter EDC loadout is a Smith & Wesson Airweight .38 snubby (37-2 DAO, specifically). It's carried in a PHLster City Special holster (with “reload cut”) on an Arc'teryx Conveyor Belt from a special run they did a couple of years ago. The flashlight is a Surefire Backup and the folder is a Steel Flame customized Hinderer Knives XM. The silver bracelet is a memorial bracelet (Sgt. Josh Robinson, USMC, Rest In Peace), the rolled up stretch TQ in the back is a SWAT-T and there are 2 different styles of speedloader for reloads, one from HKS and the other from Safariland. The (badass) leather wallet comes from Greg Stevens Designs. It's sitting on a single strip package of QuikClot Combat Gauze (plus Titanium wedding band and Defensor Fortis ring).

EDC Every Day Carry Loadout 4


Monday Morning Carry: EDC Loadout 3. Glock 43

EDC Every Day Carry Loadout 1

This EDC consists of a Glock 43 customized by American Tool & Engraving Inc. and 3 magazines, two of which have been equipped with Taran Tactical Innovations magazine extensions. The little blaster rides AIWB in a Tulster Kydex holster. Spare mags are carried in a Blue Force Gear 10 speed minimalist magazine pouch (which gets stuff really tight against your body); a matching BFG pouch holds a SWAT-T package. That's a First Tactical Diamondback folding knife (Tanto version) atop an iPhone 6S Plus with a case that doubles as a spare battery. The flashlight is also from First Tactical. It's their “Medium Duty Light.” The watch is an Oakley 12 Gauge, arguably the best looking timepiece they've made.

EDC Every Day Carry Loadout 2


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