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3 EDC Loadouts: Roll out with a wheel gun

Revolvers make up the bulk of our handgun collection. We have models dating to the 1850s and more than a few that were carried by famous lawmen as well as one or two that were toted by folks outside the law.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

When you see EDC pics, it's mostly Glocks, 1911s, SIGs, but rarely do revolvers make the cut — not everyone agrees with that.

Today we will look at 3 EDC Loadouts we might consider for realistic revolver Monday Morning Carry.

Monday Morning Carry: EDC Loadout 1. Colt Detective Special

edc 009

This is a very dialed down version of what we normally carry. Sometimes the man jewlery has to stay home and we don't need to have visible pocket clips advertising our culinary tastes. Think sport coat wear with this one.

Riding in an old school DeSantis IWB rig is a Colt Detective Special. This six-shot 38 was one of the company's more popular offerings when they actually made firearms that people wanted.

edc 011
Backing it up is a North American Arms Pug Mini Revolver in a DeSantis pocket holster. The pug holds 5 rounds of 22 Magnum, in this case Hornady Critical Defense and the pistol has a big dot tritium front sight with a rubber grip.

The knife is a Spartan Blades Enyo. Watch is a Rolex Datejust with Thunderbird bezel and the Lenslight Flashlight is another constant companion.

Iphone Six Plus in bamboo case rounds this out.

Monday Morning Carry: EDC Loadout 2. S&W Airweight 642
edc 012

For this one we had to run out the door to make an early appointment and grabbed a 5-shot S&W Airweight 642 with a DeSantis Clip Grip to stow in a pocket holster of our coat. It is not our favorite revolver, but you can't beat the light weight of this one.

Backup pistol in this case is a Seecamp LWS 32 in two tone pocket holster.
edc 013
The knife here is an Emerson Knives Roadhouse with a little bling from steel flame in the form of a 45 Win Mag thumb stud and a full size darkness clip.

Rings, bracelet and lighter from Steel Flame

Monday Morning Carry: EDC Loadout 3. S&W 657
This is more of an OWB carry under a coat with a Lew Horton 3″ S&W Model 657 in 41 Magnum riding in a Galco Field holster.  These large N-Frames are not exactly light, but with a proper belt and holster they can be concealed under a jacket. The round is about the top level of power you want in a defensive handgun. We have been shooting the 41 Magnum for over 20 years and find it the most accurate of all the true Magnum handgun calibers.
edc 014
Backing it up is the Seecamp and the Roadhouse.
edc 015


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