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3 Gun Competition Shotgun Reloading Techniques

Recoil Contributor Russell Phagan, aka SinistralRifleman, was at the 2015 Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun Match recently and had the opportunity to interview two competitors about their shotgun reloading techniques.

Kurt Miller has been competing in 3 Gun for 20 years.  Here's his take on the history of shotgun reloading techniques and why he uses the methodology he does:

Jay Carillo has been competing in 3 Gun for several years here's his take on the newer “Load-4” method of shotgun reloading:

Russell had this to say after interviewing both competitors:

 “Notice they both agree that the load 2 or load 4 system is easier for novices to master in less time. Either way if you’re using a tube fed it would make sense to have both the shell caddies and load 2 or 4 systems available depending on the match. At a match like SMM3G there are few liabilities for the newer systems. At a match like Hard as Hell crawling through tunnels, well the floor of the tunnel was littered with broken shell carriers.”


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