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TAREINCO’s Watch Patch Field available this weekend

Tandem Research and Innovations Company (TAREINCO) has released their Watch Patch Field for watch bands. Seen here attached to a G-Shock by a Watch Patch Field is one of their black and grey 1″ T-Block Patches. The patch field was designed primarily for use with IR patches, but it will obviously work with smaller morale and blood type patches or a small compass. Watch Patch Fields will be available this weekend in foliage, coyote and black for $2.50; they will be joined shortly by Watch Pockets, to be used to store (very) small items.

Tareinco Watch PatchTAREINCO (on Instagram here) is run by Mark Basa, whose original intention to build equipment for outdoorsmen has evolved into a steady stream of very nice kit for the tactical/CCW market. They also build equipment on behalf of other companies. They currently sell only on-line, so you will want to watch their Facebook page and the actual web store.

If you visit the site, check out their Neat Freak pouch or, for your medical gear, the Special Item Carrier V. 2.

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