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[SHOT Show 2017] 5 New Items on Display From Safariland Group

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In anticipation of SHOT Show 2017, The Safariland Group sent us some photos and information about some of their latest and greatest. We haven't had hands-on with most of it — but we certainly will give some of them a good looking over next week.

SHOT Show 2017: 5 New Items on Display From The Safariland Group

Since The Safariland Group consists of many different brands, we have a bit to choose from. Today we'll be covering:

1. The Monadnock AutoLock X3 Baton

2. PROTECH Tactical Hard Armor

3. Safariland Armor Matrix Ballistic Panel

4. PROTECH Tactical Soft Armor

5. VIEVU LE5 Lite Body Camera

The Monadnock AutoLock X3 Baton

Who doesn't love a good striking implement? We mean, aside from the people being struck with it… This one is manufactured by California-based Monadock, and as the name heavily suggests, it automatically locks. Here's what they have to say about it:

The new AutoLock X3 HG baton is a compelling option for the rise in demand for smaller size batons while providing more surface contact during baton performance. With its enhanced reliable locking function, the AutoLock X3 HG model with its Super Grip® coating on the handle, has a more substantial feel than traditional expandable batons.

“The AutoLock X3 HG baton showcases power, functionality and performance in a smaller, easy to handle design,” said Craig Starrett, category director for the Monadnock brand. “It has a stronger feel in the hand, is easy to deploy and close with a push of a button, and has improved corrosion protection for use in varied conditions. Best of all, we have added these features with no increase in the price.”

The X3 HG baton features an updated cam and stainless steel ball bearing design which offers reliably consistent locking action and a more solid feel in the hand when performing control techniques. Standard with a Super Grip handle, the X3 HG baton features a ribbed Santoprene™ material that enhances the grip in both dry and wet conditions. Other features include a locked position providing a more solid feel and an integrated nose cap for smoother holstering and grip protection.

Monadock can be found online here, and they'll be exhibiting at SHOT Show, booth #12762

PROTECH Tactical Hard Armor
We suppose we misled you with the title, because this category itself contains five separate items all on its own. PROTECH Tactical tells us the new products include (in their own words):

Boltless Helmet Suspension Systems: With the four-point retention, either with pads or the R2S™ ratchet, the system maintains the helmet’s ballistic integrity by eliminating bolt holes and provides greater comfort with more adjustment options. The new Boltless Helmet Suspension System is available on the Delta™ 4 line of helmets which is available in Black, Tactical Green, Coyote brown or Foliage Green with an MSRP of $675.00.

Next Generation Boltless Shield with Ballistic Lens Cap: Setting a new standard for Type IIIA ballistic shields, the Entry 1 FR US is the first in a series of Type IIIA Boltless Ballistic Lens Caps from PROTECH Tactical. The boltless design decreases the shield’s overall weight and increases functionality by eliminating the risk of a round penetrating a bolt or seam. The Entry 1 FR US shield is 24”x 36” with long-arm weapon cut-outs. The MSRP is $5,280.00. Patent Pending.

Model 2014MC NIJ 0101.06 Type IV Compliant Stand Alone Plate: An economical 6.9 lb. multi-curve Type IV plate, the Model 2014MC is NIJ 0101.06 compliant and addresses active shooter protection for first responders. Available in 10”x12” shooters cut and 6”x6” single-curve mini-side plates, the Model 2014MC fits all PROTECH Tactical platforms and plate racks. The MSRP is $380.00.

R2S™ Ratchet System with Padding Suspension: Until now, the R2S Ratchet System was only offered with a mesh crown suspension system. Now, this system is available with padding suspension that provides users with a secure and comfortable fit. Available on the Delta 4 and Delta 5 line of helmets, this new offering with padding suspension will provide a more secure and comfortable fit for high-speed or long-wear operations. Delta 4 and Delta 5 line of helmets are available in full-cut, mid-cut, and high cut with MSRPs ranging from $665.00 to $1,390.00

Tactical Weapons Trunk Box: As the lid of the box can simply be used as a Type IIIA ballistic shield, PROTECH Tactical is providing unprecedented protection for teams in the line of fire in an active shooter type situation. Additionally, the Tactical Weapons Trunk Box meets the needs for vehicles requiring secured storage of long-arm weapons and other duty specific products such as helmets and plate racks. It is available in Black Powder Coated Aluminum in two sizes (7 inch and 12 inch). The 7 inch model at 36 inches long x 16 inches wide x 7 inches deep has an MSRP of $2,592.00, and the 12 inch model at 36 inches long x 16 inches wide x 12 inches deep has an MSRP of $2,670.00.

PROTECH Tactical can be found online here, and they'll be exhibiting at SHOT Show, booth #12762

Safariland Armor Matrix Ballistic Panel
Safariland Armor is introducing a whole new family of ballistic items in a line called Matrix. Here's what they have to tell us about their initial offering:

Through a partnership with Teijin and Honeywell®, these ballistic panels are engineered with a new proprietary hybrid design. By combining woven material with Honeywell Spectra and other non-woven material, this lightweight panel provides an impeccable balance between blunt trauma reduction and ballistic resistance.

“The Matrix ballistic package is an excellent choice for officers who demand a balance of comfort, value and flexibility,” said Category Director of Concealable Armor Tim O’Brien. “Its new dual-cover design is softer and more flexible than previous entry-level models, providing greater protection against the elements.”

Through Safariland Armor’s years of experience and collaboration with leading manufacturers Teijin and Honeywell, the ballistic materials in this hybrid design provide dependable protection while maintaining a thin and flexible fit. Available in level II and level IIIA threat protection levels for both male and female, the Matrix panel strikes a balance between blunt trauma reduction and ballistic resistance, including special threats.

Safariland Armor can be found online here, and they'll be exhibiting at SHOT Show, booth #12762

PROTECH Tactical Soft Armor
PROTECH Tactical didn't skip over the soft armor upgrades, they've given some of their vests a makeover with some help from FirstSpear. Here's what they tell us:

“Our line of products has a broader collection of systems than anyone else in the industry. We incorporate the latest technologies and products into one system for everything from ultimate maneuverability to high-risk, full coverage operations. Our comprehensive line of ballistic packages are some of the most sought-after in the industry because of our innovation, attention to details and technology. Working with FirstSpear reinforces our commitment to engineering the best fit, form and function.”

FirstSpear Tubes closure system modernizes the tactical carriers, enhancing the ease of donning and doffing with a quick up or down single hand function. The simple motion for attaching or detaching the system capitalizes on the user’s muscle memory, ideal for stressful or high-speed scenarios. This lightweight closure system ensures the cummerbund is always positioned in the same location, which is vital for proper ballistic coverage, and mitigates the risk of misalignment and incorrect attachment.

FirstSpear 6/12 expands the breadth of load-bearing platform options for the SHIFT 360, Fast Attack Vest and All Purpose Vest. With the laser cut slits of the 6/12 technology, operators have an additional option for a lightweight platform with the ability to integrate all pouches offered in the PROTECH Tactical line.

The Shift 360, Fast Attack Vest, and All Purpose Vest provide top-of-the-line configurations for active shooter, first responder and tactical situational needs. All three platforms are ideal for high-speed maneuverability and have been redesigned with lower profile silhouettes, increased adjustment options, and a host of ballistic accessories for numerous upgrade choices. By expanding the breadth of load-bearing and closure system offerings, PROTECH Tactical is continuing to meet the needs of today’s law enforcement teams.

PROTECH Tactical can be found online here, and they'll be exhibiting at SHOT Show, booth #12762


VIEVU LE5 Lite Body Camera
Body cameras have been the subject of much debate in recent years. Safariland Group has brought out another option for you consideration with the VIEVU LE5 Lite Body Camera. Here's what they have to say about it:

The LE5 LITE body worn camera utilizes the fifth generation VIEVU camera platform and The VIEVU Solution, VIEVU’s cloud-based Digital Evidence Management System built on the Microsoft® Azure Government Cloud, the first enterprise cloud to directly support the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Services Division. The system benefits from the same security features and much of the storage capacity that large agencies require, while also meeting the demands of smaller budgets. In addition, The VIEVU Solution is user-friendly and quick to deploy, requiring only a website interface and an efficient registration process that enables deployment into the field in as little as 24 hours.

Scott O’Brien, president of Safariland, said, “The LE5 LITE strikes an ideal balance across safety, simplicity and ease. Adding this system to our line-up of body worn cameras, further proves that we, at Safariland, are about ‘Innovation Not Imitation.’  I’m confident that agencies will find the LE5 LITE’s all-encompassing digital evidence capabilities ultimately valuable to keep their officers’ safety as a #1 priority.”

Compact and extremely light, the LE5 LITE body worn camera weighs only 2.6 ounces, less than half the weight of the most common body worn cameras, yet is tough enough to withstand the everyday rigors of patrol. Durable and robust, the LE5 LITE camera is operable in all weather conditions, including temperatures ranging from -4°F to 122°F. The undistorted field of view of its precision 95-degree lens accurately represents an officer’s maximum field of view and distance to ensure the integrity of recorded evidence. Further, the LE5 LITE camera has a battery life of five hours and features a simple slide on/off switch that covers the lens when the camera is off.

“The LE5 LITE is an ideal solution for agencies just starting out with a body worn camera program,” said O’Brien. “It offers superior performance and provides breakthrough simplicity with an innovative approach to storing video data: immediate access to evidence and recent video, with low-cost security features and archival storage.”


In new related to the camera, TSG has several new holsters available.

VIEVU can be found online here, and they'll be exhibiting at SHOT Show, booth #12762



This has been a special SHOT Show installment of Industry News. It is not a review nor an endorsement.

What is the NSSF SHOT Show?

The NSSF SHOT Show (Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show) and Conference is an annual event held by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Typically attended by thousands of people from all 50 states and over a hundred countries, it is (quite rightfully) described as the “…world's premier exposition of combined firearms, ammunition, law enforcement, cutlery, outdoor apparel, optics, and related products and services.

Imagine the Worlds' Fair, but packed with everything from mini-guns and every breed of body armor, bows and boots; from eye pro and ear pro to optics and ordnance, socks to swords…you get the idea. If you'd like to see a sampling of the companies who will be showing at this year's SHOT, there's a live map right here, though it doesn't reflect the organizations set up elsewhere, in hotel suites, etc

View imagery from our coverage of last year's SHOT Show here; 2015's is right here.

SHOT 2017 Schedule

January 15 — Special invite-only events; Veterans Training Fund/Wishes for Warriors at The Ranch, SIG Sauer Range Day, and others
January 16 — Media on the Range, Boulder City Rifle & Pistol Club
January 17 — 20, 2016

Sands Expo and Convention Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
Tuesday, January 17 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday, January 18 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Thursday, January 19 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Friday, January 20 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


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