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CHPWS: Hardwood Pistol Concealment Flag

C&H Precision Weapons has a new patriotic firearm storage possibility for you, and it looks like it might just be in time for Christmas: the Hardwood Pistol Concealment Flag. Built by a craftsman local to CHPS from Florida and Georgia hardwoods (walnut, ash and basswood) and rare earth magnets, the initial run will be 40 units.

The hidden weapon compartment will conceal weapons up to a full frame 1911 in size but will not accommodate one equipped with an RMR. There are various levels of participation on the IndieGoGo page, including a single post-Christmas delivery Concealment Flag, single in-time-for-Christmas Concealment Flag all the way up to their “Pipe Hitter Combo.”

This obviously won't be an option for just everyone. To address some of the immediate concerns, C&H says this:

“The flag is securely mounted to the wall in a fashion that is difficult or impossible to remove unless you know the way it went on or you pry it off the wall. As far as the mechanism that stores the pistol, it's not ‘locked' with a mechanical lock or code. We rely on the fact that only you know it's there and that its typically several feet off the ground so kids can't reach it without a chair and some muscle. We are working on a locking device for future iterations but that will drive the cost up. It also increases the size and makes it less covert.”

Learn more here. Buy 10 and maybe Buck Holly (the narrator in the video) will show up in green yoga pants and a pointy Christmas Elf hat and install yours himself.

CHPWS is online here and on Facebook here. You can also follow them on Instagram (@chpws).

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