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8 Bells and Medford’s challenge to his countrymen

“I don”t believe everyone saying it's the post- great America. It's totally bullshit. It's undiscovered country. You've just got to want it.”

This seemed like a worthwhile way to being the new year despite it being over a year old. Craftsmanship, entrepreneurialism, an unabashed respect for work ethic and capitalism…I love this guy.

Says Greg,

“…when this company started less that three years ago, my goal was change the world…the people making stuff, the guys making stuff by hand, the people thinking further down the road. I want politicians to think further down the road. I want people to think further down the road. Less about my next election, less about my next thing for me, and more about what's better for my kids, and my country, and everything around me. Ten, twenty, thirty, one hundred years from now. Because that's the only way this whole thing works.”

You can watch Medford Knives online, on Facebook and  – watch especially for the upcoming “Tomahatchet”! They'll be at SHOT, Level 1, Booth #2814.

“It's an old principle. Make sure the people around you can make a buck, make sure you make a buck, take care of everybody while you do it, and take care of your customers to the end of the earth…because taking care of our people around us makes us better.”

The bell, by the way, is from the USS Doran, which served in WWII.

Medford Knife & Tool 1

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