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A Beast on Two Wheels: The Christini AWD 450 Motorcycle

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Bring me from point A to B quickly, safely, and comfortably. That's a common request for any soldier or overland enthusiast. When you want to engage some aggressive terrain and prefer to go a bit faster than a horse, the Christini All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) 450 Motorcycle is an excellent choice.

We spent a few days with Jimmy King of Tactical Mobility Training (TMT) evaluating these machines and left with an eye-opening experience. Based in Fayetteville, NC, TMT is owned and operated by King. The company has a primary focus of light mobility training for the military to include ATVs, dirt bikes, and even horseback. Our focus for the few days was learning the Christini AWD 450 Motorcycle.

Most dirt bikes are only rear-wheel-drive, with all the propulsion coming from the back tire — not this one. AWD capability allows the front tire and rear tire to move simultaneously, assisting with moving through mud, scaling steep hills, or even traveling over large boulders and rocks. This feature alone has made the bike applicable for various special operations units deployed in Afghanistan as it provides enhanced traction, handling, and stability.

Jimmy King of Tactical Mobility Training located in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

“What this platform will do is give you the ability to travel the same terrain your feet can travel, or horses and pack animals can travel, that no other platform will travel,” said King. “This machine will almost go anywhere.”

In addition to being AWD, the bike is much more durable than most with thicker rims, heavy-duty spoke system, heavy-duty chains, additional bearings, and will run flat tires. Two USB ports are on the dash, and IR lights are included for operation at night.

During our Field Training Exercise (FTX) with Jimmy we were able to hit a variety of obstacles with ease to include large hills, muddy swamps, and even massive boulders. Having spent years on traditional Rear-Wheel-Drive (RWD) bikes, I was amazed at how these bikes pull you through each obstacle with ease.

An additional tactical consideration for the bike was the installation of a rekluse clutch. As King explained, “If your job is to pull up onto an intersection and pull security, it’s extremely difficult to operate the clutch, operate the throttle, and deploy your weapon system while trying to find neutral so the machine doesn’t turn off. So, what we do is install a rekluse clutch so you can keep the machine in gear and engine running.” This feature gives the user freedom to deploy a weapon system or check navigation, without losing any tactical advantage.

The rekluse clutch allows the driver to keep the bike in gear while deploying their weapon.

The rekluse clutch also prevents most stalling, as you can leave the bike in gear and it will not pull out from underneath. Most bikes left in gear will naturally pull you forward, but not with a rekluse. The machine provides the opportunity to approach obstacles slowly as there is no risk of stalling out. On our flat range exercise, we were able to roll up, deploy our weapon, take a shot, sling our weapon, and then bound forward all while keeping the machine running.

The Christini AWD 450 Motorcycle is a beast of a dirt bike. It has all the specifications required to attack rugged environments, and it is no wonder why it's currently being fielded to special operations personnel.


About the Author

Drew Wallace is a former member of the 75th Ranger Regiment, Blackwater Worldwide, and Program Management Special Operations Forces Survival Support & Equipment Systems (PM-SOF-SSES). A firearm enthusiast for most of his life, he now competes nationally in Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association.

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