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A BSA Eagle Scout Project that “failed” – but not so much

In 2009 Chris Sugure was a Boy Scout in Black Hills Area Council Troop 52, South Dakota. For his Eagle Project he wanted to expand a local cemetery built in 1880 on U.S. Forest Service property. He was unable to do so because doing anything on that sort of government land literally requires an Act of Congress. Chris had 2 more ideas that ‘failed' (his description, not ours) before successfully completing one (at Jewell Cave National Monument) and earning his Eagle Scout.

Fast forward to 2014. That ‘failed' project became US Congress House Bill 291 and Sugure helped write the legislation.

“What you do as a Boy Scout makes a difference. It took me FIVE YEARS to see that. The choices we make and the actions we take impact our communities in ways we won’t see for years to come. Sometimes you will feel too small or insignificant, but that’s when you should turn to your mentors or leaders for advice. They will give you all the knowledge you need. What you do with it then is your choice.” Chris Sugure

For more information read the original story here.

The Boy Scouts of America are online here. Their Facebook page is here. Scouting Magazine can be read online here. chris-sugrue-2

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