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A Changing SCCY

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Up until now, the SCCY catalog has shown a steady proliferation of models, but none have departed far from the original pattern of their first CPX-1: Small, double-stack, double-action-only hammer-fired pistols. The CPX-2 added a thumb safety, the CPX-3 was the CPX-2 but in .380ACP, and then the CPX-4 added an ambidextrous thumb safety back to the .380 version.


At SHOT 2020 there were banners up all over the lobby announcing a new pistol from SCCY, featuring what looked like a picture…well, a partial picture, at least, of a SCCY pistol. Curiosity piqued, we headed over to the SCCY booth to check it out.


What we found there was a pistol that was externally similar to the original CPX line. If you already own a SCCY 9mm, your existing holsters will fit, and all your magazines will work in the new pistol as well.


The difference in the new gun is almost entirely under the hood. Where the original CPX guns are DAO hammer-fired pieces with a long-ish trigger pull weighing in around nine pounds, the new SCCY DVG-1 is striker-fired, giving a consistent 5.5# trigger pull on every shot. While making predictions based on floor examples at SHOT is risky, it felt like their trigger pull claims were pretty on target.

Externally, the differences between the new gun and the originals are few. From the rear, the slide features a striker cover plate instead of the normal slot from the CPX, which is there to give clearance for hammer travel.

From the side there is a more noticeable difference: The DVG-1 has a flat, straight trigger, a feature that is trendy enough these days to cause booth passers-by to ask if it was adaptable to the CPX guns. (Spoiler Alert: No. The lockwork is entirely different.)


The MSRP for the basic DVG-1 is set at $289, with the DVG-1RD variant including a Crimson Trace CTS-1500 MRDS stickering at $389.

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