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A closer look at MissionX

We've been talking quite a bit about MissionX lately – they're the guys who ran the International Warrior Competition at KASOTC. They also, incidentally, put on leadership seminars, guide “adventures” up Everest and Kilimanjaro or across the Wadi Rum  and provide technical advice to filmmakers. They take combat leadership experience and combine it with lessons learned recovering from trauma, adversity and apply it to all their endeavors – just how does the former Para officer who lost the use of his arm in the war lead a team to the summit of a peak when members of that team are blind or missing a limb? What can any of us learn from what this team has proven itself capable of?

MissionX - members atop Mt McKinleyThe video below features MissionX team member Jaco Van Gass, who lost his left arm to an RPG. Seen above with 2 other MissionX team members atop Mt. McKinley, he later climbed Everest.


Matthew Nyman of MissionX (below) lost his leg in Iraq when thrown from the skid of a Little Bird into the tail boom. He later summitted Denali and Lobuche – he is the sort of team member MissionX calls on to talk about overcoming hardship and achieving individual potential.


This video is an overview of the company and what it does for individuals, companies, organizations and wounded personnel.

We'll be telling you more about some of these remarkable individuals over the weeks to come.




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