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A Mag Extension You Might Actually Carry: Henning Group

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I can't say I've always been a fan of the aftermarket magazine extension, but I have always been a fan of having more ammunition. You'd think those two would go hand in hand, but after witnessing and experiencing many failures with them on the range and in competition, I would stick to plain old factory OEM magazine for carry for many years. OEM base pads just tended to not fly off at inconvenient times and spill rounds all over the place if you looked at them funny.

Henning Group started with Tanfoglio parts, which was probably an easy choice; the company is owned and christened after Henning Wallgren, who had been competing with said pistols for more than twenty years. As you can see, what began as specialized competition parts soon expanded into a line that encompassed all manner of sights, extensions, springs, and muzzle devices for a variety of firearms.

Shortly after these extensions popped up they hit my radar. I'd glimpsed photographs of these unique base pads but hadn't seen them firsthand until until I ran into Cindy DeSplinter and Jody King at the Texas Gun Fest last year. Soon thereafter I would have some to run through the paces.


Henning Group calls them “Blueline” magazine extensions, because although they can be used in competition, they're specifically designed for law enforcement use and other forms of practical carry. They offer extra capacity but aren't so large or heavy as to be a non-starter for use in a CCW. There are currently two models of Glock magazine extensions: one for compact frames and another for full size frames. The angle of the bottom of the magazine is different between them, necessitating two different designs to maximize reliability. Each model is available in 9mm, .40, .45ACP, 10mm, and .357 Sig. With either model you'll get +4 in 9mm and 10mm, and +3 in .40 and .45ACP.


Each extension features a screw with a hexagonal socket (wrench included) that acts as a stop to prevent accidental removal (something which plagues many extensions, especially plastic ones). They're manufactured with 6061 aluminum and then hard anodized black, FDE, red, or of course, grey. If you want something different, you can always just rattle can it to your hearts content. Unless you're rocking a baby Glock you'll be needing the extra power spring from Henning, which will run you $5.


The standout feature for me the is grooved front of the base pad. This allows for an easy index of the magazine, which is especially handy if you're fishing around in a pocket for it (something which a lot of instructors say not to do, but a lot of people do anyway).


The hook at the base makes for an easy ripout of a stubborn magazine (Henning recommends a ‘knife hand' approach). Additionally, those with larger mitts should appreciate the hook. You can get that full-size feel out of a compact frame, and ensure your hand doesn't slip off the grip. Unfortunately, the magic of genetics means that I can share glove with my wife, but if you've got hefty ham fists it's definitely worth a try.


Regarding use with third party magazines and accessories, there's always the chance of something not working if you're mixing and matching. At this point I've had no issues with any third party magazine that allows the use of standard Glock base plates. We've been seeing a lot more “practical-use” magwells on the market, and while I can't say that the Henning Group extensions will work with all of them, I'm told that they haven't seen issues with any that they've tested.


Inevitably someone will compare this option to the extensions by Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) so I'll save you the trouble. There are aspects of each that I enjoy, and I own and use both. The Henning and the TTI are both well constructed, feature stops to prevent them from being inadvertently removed, and work. Thread locker is easy to use with the Henning due to the direct-screw design. TTI currently offers models that give a whopping +6 capacity in 9mm, which I love. The Henning has that indexing point, which I prefer for CCW. If it's shooting a match: TTI. If it might end up in a carry gun or pocket: Henning. If it's at a class or just a range session? Anything goes.

You can visit Henning Group online here 

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