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A second gun, a knife and the “New York Reload”

Some thoughts from Jeff Gonzalez of Trident Concepts:

I love the idea of carrying two guns, a primary and secondary. Makes a lot of sense, but I am finding it more and more impractical these days. There is more to be gained in my opinion from carrying a fixed blade over a spare pistol. True, you could always find yourself in a situation where it is nice to be able to pass a gun off to a “trusted” individual during a critical incident, but I truly find that to be unlikely as hell.

I see a “NY reload” being great justification, but I just don't see folks putting in the time to where their accuracy and speed will be relative. They will more than likely be faster performing the reload strong side and re-engaging.

You might find yourself in a situation where you are injured and it is easier to get to a weapon off your weak side. That I can see and makes the most sense to me, but is the juice worth the squeeze.

If you are carrying concealed you have to realize that a likely scenario will be the ambush and whether you can get to a gun, much less any gun is the real question. I put a lot more stock in the folks who train tirelessly with their primary, work hard for their reloads, have a minimum skill off their weak side and then employ a fixed blade as their close in weapon over a secondary pistol.

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Your mileage may vary, but ask yourself how good you really are with that secondary pistol versus the effort necessary to train, carry and deploy. There is more than one way to skin a cat, but it is during these advanced classes we really see the truth.

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