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A Texas Hog Hunt and Culinary Class on RECOILtv


In this installment of CARNIVORE, we join Iain Harrison, Editor-in-Chief, as he dabbles in a bit of hog hunting with Texas Best Outfitters, and a culinary class that embodies the credos of field to fork. Texas is a state filled with all kinds of wild game, and we join Harrison as he partakes in some suppressed hunting, with the hopes of bringing home the bacon to renowned Chef Albert Wutsch. Stepping in to ensure that the food is paired with the perfect wine is Brandon Bownds of Horn Winery and Azeo Distillery.

Shortly after stepping out of the truck, Iain and his crew spot a herd of pigs about 300 yards away. After putting a stalk on the herd, Iain lays down one pig and then quickly lays down another. Once the pigs are hung for the night, the guys close out the night sitting around the fire, sipping something good, and discussing their game plan for the following day.

The next day, Wutsch begins with a short lesson on which areas of the hog are most tender or tough, and the basics of how tender or tough cuts of meat should be cooked. Then… it’s on to the kitchen. Starting with a Wild Boar Carpaccio, Chef Wutsch works his way through a Boar Stir Fry with a Sweet Thai Chili Glaze, Braised Boar Stew, and a Rack of Boar done two ways.

The primary focal point of the field to fork ideology is embodied in this experience. Great food, excellent hunting, and a perfect atmosphere combine to show that respect for the animal being hunted can certainly lead to a memorable time with friends.

To get your hands on any of the recipes in this episode, check out the September issue of Carnivore or join us at The CARNIVORE Hunter Games at Rockcastle Shooting Center this September.

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