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A Turnkey Solution, Gunwerks Custom Rifle

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Gunwerks has carved out its niche in the custom, high-end, you-better-have-enough-money-to-pay-for-it market. And their approach makes sense. They know their customer and tailor products toward what that guy wants. And if you can afford to be that guy, we commend you.

Gunwerks is a one-stop shop to get you everything you need to hit targets near and far. They make stocks, suppressors, ammunition, and recently added Revic scopes to the lineup. Over the past 10 years, Gunwerks has established their claim to fame for delivering a weapon system that’s capable of shooting 1,000 yards out of the box. To test this theory and the quality of their weapon systems, Gunwerks sent us a custom rifle based around the Magnus stock. Chambered in the whomper stomper 6.5 PRC, we were excited to see how it performed.

The rifle shipped with the Revic scope mounted, data preloaded into the scope, and a printed sheet outlining what Gunwerks staff used to zero and true the data. The data included everything you’d need to build out the rifle in a ballistic calculator. Also provided was a chart with dope out to 1,000 yards. The only part of the chart that didn’t make sense was the wind values given, because it showed minute of angle (MOA) holds instead of mils — considering the Revic scope mounted on the rifle is in mils, all hold values should be in mil measurements.

Required Tweaking

Yes, we know Gunwerks rifles are supposed to make hits right out of the box. But we won’t shoot unsuppressed unless it’s illegal — because we’re civilized. Due to attaching the suppressor, and the fact that we used different ammo than what Gunwerks used to zero, we had to reconfigure the Revic scope. The rifle didn’t ship with instructions on how to use the scope, so we drove by feel until we crashed into the right answer.

The Revic Scope

To set up the scope, you have to “build your gun” in the Revic app, and then upload the profile to the scope via Bluetooth. The process is fast and straightforward. The scope has an internal ballistic solver and sensors that include compass direction, temperature, pressure, incline, cant, and turret position. All of those features give the scope the ability to show your distance in the heads-up display (HUD). The HUD makes engaging targets simple — you don’t have to know how to adjust in mils or MOA, all you need to know to make hits is the distance to your target.

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