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Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting Re-Released

Following the introduction of their new iPhone App, Applied Ballistics LLC has taken their popular Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting and re-released it. The update integrates uncertain variables that can affect your shot. The biggest factor when considering these variables is the overall probability of an individual factor coming into play for your shot; this book from Applied Ballistic's can be utilized with their software for a complete solution to help you accurately put shots on target utilizing the tools provided.

Accuracy and Precision For Long Range Shooters

In reference to the re-release Bryan Litz, Author and Founder of Applied Ballistics says,”

“Given different sets of environmental and shooter related uncertainties, what are the ‘chances’ of hitting a target at a certain range? Ballistics commonly focuses on generating an accurate fire solution which is important, but there’s much more to learn and apply from the science of accuracy. A lot of analysis is presented in the book, which demonstrates valuable principles, but those analysis are static.  The Applied Ballistics Analytics software is a program which allows you to calculate hit percentages for your specific rifle and target scenarios using the same method as the calculations in the book.  Armed with the knowledge in the book, and the AB Analytics software, you’re empowered with a realistic understanding of your hit probability on any target, and what things you can do to improve it”

Applied Ballistics Probability

Some of the specific topics affecting your shot include range, wind, muzzle velocity, rifle precision from various distances and target size. The book will help you determine your probability of hitting a target with your specific rifle and uncertain variables coming into play as well as how to put together a good rifle and ammo system given specific scenarios. Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting uses plain and easy to digest language, so that one can effectively follow along and utilize the information provided without having to wade though technical wording that confuses the end goal – shooting more accurately

Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting can be purchased for Amazon Kindle or in hard copy from Applied Ballistics. In conjunction with the re-release, Applied Ballistics is offering the book free with the purchase of the AB Analyics Software at their webstore.

Accuracy and Precision

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