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Aerial Gunnery- Helo Shooting Hover Games

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Feel like getting in some aerial gunnery? Want to do some of it by NODs? You can do either, or both, at the Hover Games, a Texas-based event that is coming up fast. Administered and instructed by Stoic Ventures (@stoicventures) in conjunction with Last Shadow (@lastshadowtx), the Hover Games are effectively an advanced rifle course — albeit one conducted first on the ground, then in the air. The event will involve an MD 500 helo (Little Bird), NVGs (Night Vision Goggles), SBRs (Short Barreled Rifles), another MD500, suppressors, and copious amounts of ammunition.

What's not to like about that?

It would seem you should be making travel plans to Temple.

Know what that makes us feel like?

If you're not familiar with Stoic Ventures founder and lead instructor Mike Lamb, you can learn about him here. In brief, he's a former Force Reconnaissance Marine (enlisted and commissioned) who also worked for agencies associated with governmental intelligence efforts around the world. When medical injuries necessitated an early retirement, Lamb was recruited by Magpul Industries Corp. and Magpul Dynamics.

Mike Lamb Stoic Ventures

Here is one of many videos he's done for Trigger Time TV (@triggertimetv).

Stoic Ventures consults internationally, but most of their domestic courses are taught in California or in Texas.

Here's what Stoic Ventures tells us about the event.

Aerial Gunnery – Helo Shooting Hover Games

“…join Last Shadow and Stoic Ventures to gain an experience of a lifetime as they amalgamate to provide their expertise from two intriguing industries. Stoic Ventures, “composed of former military and law enforcement special operations personnel” (Stoic Ventures, 2016). Have a team of individuals equipped with firearms manipulation and function technical know-how to get any person acclimated to any weapon system. Last Shadow provides “…unmatched staff and equipment…” (Last Shadow, 2016) through utilizing two turbine-powered MD 500 model helicopters, often referred to as the little bird, as well as their own firearms to ensure absolute quality.

The Hover Games are the brainchild of both Last Shadow and Stoic Ventures. [They] are an advanced rifle course for shooters looking to push themselves further through the application of an aerial platform, i.e. a helicopter. Shooters will engage steel targets engulfed in bucolic surroundings (or more complex targets for scoring to emphasize the {games} aspect of the title?) in a moving helicopter at varying speeds and angles of attack. With Stoic Ventures leading the ground school, gain the knowledge of how to effectively engage targets via Last Shadow’s complex aerial platforms. Individuals can either bring their own weapons per Last Shadow’s requirements (users bringing their own weapons must contact Last Shadow at least a week in advance) or use the supplied short-barreled and suppressed AR15 type-rifles…”

It'll be the next best thing to finding one of these in your attic.

You can learn more about Last Shadow online here and on Facebook here. Stoic Ventures can be found online here and on Facebook here.

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