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Agilite Advanced Ammo Pouch

Agilite the Israeli manufacturer of some really unique gear that's made in both the States and Israel has a pretty slick magazine pouch.  The Agilite Advanced Ammo Pouch combines a few functions into a single pouch.
The Agilite Advanced Ammo Pouch has several color options available for you to pick from including A-TACS AU and FG, Black, Coyote, Multicam and Olive Drab.
The triple magazine pouches flap has a tear down dual document pouch with clear plastic cover.  You can use this to hold identification, radio channels, scope dope etc.
Each side of the pouch has a pocket.  The right side has two small pockets that a EpiPen, Leatherman Squirt or similar sized objects can fit and two elastic loops to hold chemlights.  The other side has a small Velcro covered pocket that you can store alcohol pads to clean your marker off the clear window if you use it as such, or other items you want to ensure they remain captive.

You can pick your Advanced Ammo Pouch up here, or if you don't require the document pouch check out their Ammo and Battery Pouch.  Agilite certainly produces some unique and useful gear depending on your use so check out the rest of there gear here, or check them out on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.  They also produce this rather cool T-Shirt.

About Agilite in their own words

Agilite is Israel's leading Tactical, Rescue and Outdoor Gear Manufacturer.  
Agilite was founded by Israeli Special Forces and US Army veterans who wanted to create gear that was as clever as it was strong. Today, Agilite is a proud supplier of Special Operations, Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue units across five continents as well as civilians who need exceptional equipment that keeps them agile and light on their feet. It is used in some of the most remote, most non-permissive environments in the world.
Tough Gear, From a Tough Part of The World
To understand Agilite gear you must understand where it comes from. Israel is a place that has never been able to take its guard down and that has had to innovate to survive. Agilite products get battle-tested long before they are released to the public, under conditions where there's little margin of error.
The Agilite Scorpion logo is the humble mark of the adventurous, the duty-bound and of those willing to step out into the unknown.

Made In The USA & Israel

Agilite Tactical Gear is designed in Israel and manufactured in both the United States and Israel for the ultimate combination of breakthrough design and the highest quality manufacturing on earth.

From the Single Fiber to a Finished Piece of Gear

In 2012, Agilite Systems Inc. acquired Shiltex, Israel's National mil-spec narrow textiles company that has supplied the Israel Defense Forces with premium quality equipment and components since before the Six Day War in 1967. The acquisition of Shiltex adds a serious weapon to the Agilite arsenal and consolidated some of the best elements of Israel's high-end textile industry.

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