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Agilite Outdoor Is Coming

Agilite, an Israel-based company operated by IDF and US Army combat veterans, will soon be adding an outdoor selection of kit to its inventory. Agilite's motto is “Professional Combat Ergonomics”. They are already well known in both the tactical and outdoor industry for their IPC (Injured Personnel Carrier) and loadbearing equipment. They will soon be adding static and dynamic outdoor ropes and climbing kit by what will tentatively be called Agilite Outdoor. There is a lot of T&E going into it as you might expect. We'll cover it more extensively when it's closer to the release date, but we can tell you the design process and evaluation phase was conducted by former soldiers with design (and combat) experience, some of whom worked in ‘career fields' that required rope work. Think reconnaissance and Pararescue (US and/or IDF equivalent). These teaser pictures provided by Agilite were taken during an exhaustive (but apparently adrenaline-filled) T&E iteration conducted in the Negev Desert, far to the south of Tel Aviv. Stay tuned (or subscribed) here for further information about the forthcoming Agilite Outdoor.

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