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ALG Defense – Overview of the ATK AK Trigger

ALG stands for Amy Lynn Geissele, wife of Bill Geissele (the trigger genius who shouldn't need an introduction here). The AKT is a trigger for the AK47 and AK74 shaped specifically for trigger control (it's broad and has a much flatter face than the typical AK trigger). The goal was to make an affordable but performance based trigger that suits the function of the AK47, and it certainly looks like they've achieved that goal. Note that it's not intended to be a 2-stage, precision trigger like a Geissele. It's an ALG; made to fight with, fast and at short- to mid-range. There will however be an AKT-E (Enhanced) that will be a “…single stage crisp trigger with a shorter reset than the AKT,” but there is no firm ETA on that yet.

Geissele - ATK Trigger for AK3

Perhaps just as importantly as the trigger, there's a lot to be learned by listening to Mr. Geissele speak. It's worth the 14 minutes just for the educational aspect — but don't let that stop you from buying one. They're $49.

Geissele - ATK Trigger for AK2

Learn more here. ALG Defense is on Facebook right here. They're also on Instagram.

Here's the installation video:

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