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Alien Pistol from Laugo Arms, a RECOIL Exclusive

Photos courtesy of Laugo Arms

The Alien pistol from Laugo Arms has been one of the most anticipated firearms since the shooting community first heard about it last June. After seeing the concept of the pistol, we couldn’t help but ask for the exclusive scoop for the U.S. market. Thankfully, Laugo Arms teamed up with us to give you photos and video that you won’t see anywhere else.

Currently on stands is RECOIL Issue 41, which has a full review from @recoilboss, Iain Harrison. You can read it by picking up a copy in stores or by digitally downloading the issue.

In the below episode of RECOILtv’s Gun Room, Iain gets a rundown of the Alien from the Laugo Arms team. We’re shown the pistol’s unique gas piston operating system, and then Iain gets hands-on with the Alien. Check it out:

Currently, there isn’t an Alien pistol in the United States, but Laugo Arms is working on changing that. As soon as Aliens start shipping to the U.S., we’ll let you know. Until then, enjoy some more pictures of one of the most innovative guns we’ve seen in years.

Laugo Arms lists the Alien pistol features as:

  • Low bore axis
  • Interchangeable upper rail
  • Exchangeable backstraps
  • Adjustable iron sights
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Trigger safety
  • Striker safety block

Length: 8.2-inches
Width: 1.1-inches
Height: 5.8-inches
Barrel length: 4.8-inches
Weight (with empty mag): 2.47 pounds
Trigger weight: 2.2 to 5.6 pounds, adjustable by the manufacturer
Magazine capacity: 17

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