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American Contingency Censored

As we continue to report on Censorship in America, we often focus on the importance of both the First and Second Amendments, and how they are interconnected and dependent on one another. In the last few days, something has taken place that shows just how tightly the Freedom of Speech is connected to the Right to Bear Arms, as American Citizens are censored for investing into their neighborhoods, and building unity where politics and internet culture sow division. Amidst the chaos of 2020, Mike Glover, from Fieldcraft Survival, started American Contingency, to bring community, skill, and information to those who chose to voluntarily take responsibility for themselves, their families, and their surroundings. Punished for their virtues, American Contingency has now become the target of censorship.

Here's Mike Glover on American Contingency:

What is American Contingency, and what is the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration behind American Contingency began when me and Kevin Owens saw that police departments across the nation and various cities were being told not only to not respond, but not to answer the calls for help through 911. That was alarming for me because tax payer dollars go to paying and creating city councils to manage police departments, and the fact that, I think they started off in Seattle, you had people who were law abiding citizens calling for help, requesting 911 and help never showed up: that was problematic. The next evolution of that was in Portland Oregon, with 60 calls reported over one weekend, during protests where police officers were taken out of their duty and position to focus on riot control. They never answered those calls, including larceny, burglary, and the list goes on. That was the decision point to start American Contingency, and the object has always been to provide education and being better prepared: a social network to provide people a place to go, a forum, that is secure, hence why we decided to go on after building a relationship with the owner of that platform, understanding that we would never be suppressed, never be moderated, unless we moderated ourselves. In addition to that, mentorship: we wanted to provide guidance and mentorship for groups to organically grow and stand for the principles of American Contingency: You are your own first responder, you need to be prepared to protect yourself, your family, and your community.

The unrest in Portland started not too long ago, so American Contingency is a newer movement. Do you have examples and testimonies of the good it has done?

One of the things we provide at American Contingency is Open Source Information, which we call Intelligence, that is reported to make better decision in your own force protection So if you know there’s a riot planned, or a protest planned that could turn into a riot in your own back yard, you could avoid those area. I’ve been messaged, and I’ve been contacted several times by members who have gotten the intelligence, because it’s geographical: it’s localized into six geographical regions, where they have avoided areas where someone was violently assaulted or even killed, and they have thanked us for that information. The national and local media, because of the divisiveness and narratives that they are spinning, aren’t reporting this kind of information, which is important for people and their own force protection and security.

Having a community is a message of unity and coming together. How does American Contingency navigate the divisiveness of our social and political environment?

We do our best to create contingencies on how we even disseminate information. So we have multiple accounts, redundant moderation, where we’re constantly moderating and regulating and looking at the people who are commenting and leaving feedback because we don’t want the affiliation that we are a right-wing or an extremist affiliation, because we’re not. Somebody said our logo has the words ‘mobilize and defend,' and so they didn’t want to get involved because it seems like it is too ‘military' with the word mobilize. Well that’s semantics, when I say mobilize, I mean mobilize yourself and your family to support your own community and your own neighborhood. Because what we are missing, because of the media, because of social media and virtual saturation, is why we are missing those relationships built with our own communities and our own neighbors.

How does American Contingency reach the people it is designed to help?

The first thing we do is we provide open source information and intelligence via Instagram, even Twitter and Facebook. And then we have where we have a version of the website that you can go on that’s not paid, versus a paid membership that is only $5 a month, where you can get vetted, you can socially network, and become a member of a local organization. I don’t want to be a dictator and I don’t want to be a leader of American Contingency. I want to provide guidance, mentorship, content, and education, and allow people to form their own organizations in their own communities. A rural American Contingency group is going to look very different than an urban sprawl group just by the very nature of the organization and population density of the organization.

How specifically has American Contingency been Censored?

Our Instagram account which had 50,000 followers, was banned. On top of that, our Facebook account was banned. We can’t even send the word or in a direct message, because if it is sent, it will be deleted, because they say that “we don’t support organizations like this” and we’re no longer allowed to voice that. Mass suppression of all our accounts: both personal and company, have been shadowbanned, including the inability to search us, the inability to do live feeds, the inability to gain reach and engagement.

How Has American Contingency pivoted and continued its Mission?

One of the things we have done is migrated to locals. Locals is ran by a former Israeli Defense officer who started Locals with the intent of self-moderating and no censorship. We have a contained group where people pay $5 a month, where 15% of that goes to American Contingency, and the rest, every single penny, goes back to providing free training for American Contingency members. For example, if you’re an American Contingency member, and you are near South Carolina, we had 3 days of free training that was worth about $20,000, with about 10 different instructors with various backgrounds including special operations, on planning, situational awareness, home defense, mindset, the list goes on.

mike glover

Where to find American Contingency?

For Intel, and Introductions:

For community, and getting connected:

Instagram: CENSORED. All accounts have been taken down at the time of publication.

Twitter: Americancont

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16 responses to “American Contingency Censored”

  1. Chris says:

    I’ve met both Mike and Kev during FCS classes, and known about them since their start on social media. At no point have either preached anything close to extreme rhetoric. Just self-reliance and being a good member of society/community.

    As a veteran myself, it is completely angering (though not surprising at this point) that other veterans, with positive messages are being silenced, while others with actual extremist messages are left unchecked by the social media platforms.

    I am also a recent member of American Contingency and would recommend that anyone who cares about our country and their community look into it as well.

    Keep fighting the good fight Recoil and FCS.

  2. Drew Everett says:

    Locals for the win. In every scenario (good/bad/ugly), it will always be a good use of your time and money to develop relationships, skills, and community.

  3. Tim Elrod says:

    The 1st amendment has been under attack for years.
    None of this should be a surprise to those who have been watching the politics of the Left over the pasted 20 years.

    God Bless America!

    Mike Thank You for AmCon!

  4. Joseph says:

    Apparantly they wont let you share this article. aparantly the algorithm is blocking anythin gthat has American contingency in it. just tried to tweet and it blocked it.

  5. Mike Cammarata says:

    They just pulled his last video talking about censorship off youtube… Such complete horseshit.

  6. Mike Cammarata says:

    scratch that… its back, bad.

  7. Mike Cammarata says:

    *my bad

  8. BullHalsey says:

    We are effective. By elicitng the reaction of censorship from Facebook and others, it demonstrates that AMCON by excercising Free Speech, has been and will be a threat to Big Left Tech and their agenda, that being, in the words of J.R.R. Tolkien: “…one ring to rule them all, and in the Darkness,. Bind Them” .

  9. Tony Harrell says:

    The “nerds” are out of control

  10. Micah Drake says:

    Share this message and start preparing

  11. Timothy Lassonde says:

    They can stop our communication but they can’t stop our commitment.

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